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Sueños for Vieques
Tito Auger records new song at Danny Rivera's studio
On April 23, 2005 young people from Vieques travel to Cayey to record new hit song with Tito Auger and Fiel a la Vega.


El Nuevo Dia Magazine features Vieques Youth Leadership Initiative on Sunday, April 24
"Sueños is a ballad that touches your heart - and inspires you to dream again," says Tito Auger, lead singer/songwriter for the Spanish Rock band Fiel a la Vega. For the last seven months, Tito has been traveling to Vieques inspiring young people to dream of building a new Vieques. They became his muse.

Early Saturday morning, twelve of the middle and high school students will travel to Cayay have the thrill of a life-time - recording their first song in Danny Rivera's studio.

They premiered the song with Tito at the Taste of the Island , a benefit for Vieques Youth Leadership Initiative, a non-profit educational organization preparing a new generation of people to help build a new Vieques. Their projects educate, empower and challenge young Viequenses to make their dreams come true.

"We're very concerned about the youth of Vieques and Puerto Rico ," Tito told guests . "We haven't been taking care of the next generation for a long time. This is a matter of life and death for me and my people."

Last summer after seeing how young Viequenses were struggling for support, Tito adopted VYLI as his charitable project. "We've got to make some noise!" His first televised appeal included a message from Edward James Olmos. Tito was recently elected president of the VYLI's Board of Directors.

"Our dreams include the Island's first youth center, a cultural arts center, a movie theatre, a drug rehab center, a university, a place where we can live in peace," says Kutasha Silva, 23-year old VYLI project coordinator, adding . "Sometimes we feel forgotten by the world. Thanks to Tito, we can raise their voices and ask for everyone's help."

Tito's love for Vieques led him on a two-year journey back in 2000 and the making of The Song of Vieques with a stellar cast of international superstars like Ruben Blades, Silvio Rodriguez, Pablo Milanes, Joan Manuel Serrat - and the late, Tony Croato . People were surprised this 29 year-old young man from Vega Baja could recruit these amazing artists to donate their talents to the six-minute anthem and video. Dubbed the Spanish We Are the World , it was featured on Puerto Rican radio and TV.

" Sueños is much more than a song for us," says Kutasha. "It's about honoring and letting go of the past; it's their voices being heard. it's about our future... It's about building a better world." With lyrics like:

I'm starting to walk
I want to grow
I'd like to come back and prove once again
That dreams can flourish in this sand.

"As we sing this song, we hope to awaken the dreamer in all of us," says Tito. Last week the traveling troubadour thrilled fishermen in Bo. Morrapo by marching down to the sea singing the song with students from Vieques and another island community of Martha's Vineyard .

"Vieques is where we started," Tito explains adding, "With this song, we're bringing our message to the world. We're not going to stop. We're going to do whatever we need to do."

Vieques Youth Leadership Initiative

For the last seven months, Tito has been traveling to Vieques to nurture young Viequenses writers-poets, artists, dancers and musicians to develop projects that express their vision of a new Vieques. They've designed an inspiring logo that represents their dreams; created a bi-lingual Young Dreamers photo exhibit with colorful banners and hung it in the Vieques Airport . They successfully launched a T-Shirt Business during the busiest tourist season in Vieques history. They've piloted partnerships with local businesses: the first Culinary Arts internship with a restaurant and artist training at the Island 's largest gallery. They've created cross-cultural exchange with students from Martha's Vineyard . Now they're working on a video of the making of to bring their message of hope to the world.

The Vieques Youth Leadership Initiative is a collaboration with youth, organizations, businesses, citizens and seasonal residents and endorsements from government, business leaders and is spearheaded by the Stone Soup Leadership Institute, (FID#: 31-1594004, reg. in Puerto Rico). The Institute is a 501c3 education organization, founded in 1997 by Marianne Larned, author Stone Soup for the World (Pan Y Vino Para El Camino) and its educational curriculum. The Institute develops educational tools, trainings and initiatives for young and emerging leaders to build a better world:

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Quiero emprender
Y quiero crecer
Quiero volver y probar otra vez
Que un sueño puede florecer
I've got a plan
I've got a mission
I've got surprises just for you
I can come
Into the darkness and dream
And your fear can't even touch me
Tengo un plan
Tengo una misión
Tengo sorpresas para ti
Puedo llegar
Y en la oscuridad soñar
Sin que tu miedo se acerque a mi