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Welcome Vieques Youth Leadership Initiative

 What could happen if
we worked together with young people of Vieques
to make their dreams come true...

We could build a new Vieques
-- a sustainable global village --
a new humanity to inspire the world.

We invite you to share your time, talents and resources.
Time is of the essence


NYC Photo

Muhammed Yunus
Winner of Nobel Peace Prize

Walter Cronkite Congratulates Muhammed Yunus Winner of Nobel Peace Prize. This prestigious award sends a powerful message of support to the millions of people around the world.


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NYC Photo

Tania Cruz
VYLI Project Coordinator

During Easter break (March 29-April 11) VYLI
Project Coordinator Tania Cruz participated in a 10-
day educational training and site visit to the Stone
Soup Leadership Institute’s organizational partners
in the San Francisco/Bay Area of California.

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