Vieques Youth Leadership Initiative

VYLI Initiatives

Cultural Arts Initiative: 2004-2005

The Cultural Arts Initiative is an after-school program that exposes young people to successful artists/musicians; provides training and mentoring; develops projects; opens doors and creates opportunities to showcase their work and become entrepreneurs. More…

Eco-Tourism Initiative: 2006-2007

VYLI’s Eco-Tourism Initiative showcases the Island’s environmental rebirth and promote it as a eco-tourism destination. More…

Report from Tania Cruz educational site visit to California

Entrepreneurship Initiative: 2005-2007

Report on Pilot Program: The Dream Club T-Shirt Business is the first entrepreneurial venture of the Vieques Youth Leadership Initiative.

VYLI Entrepreneurship Initiative Grows: Thanks to grant from Banco Popular Foundation. More…

Radio Initiative: 2004-2007

VYLI’s Radio Initiative evolved from Josue Cruz dream to create the first community radio station to give people a voice in their future and a connection to the world. More…

Summer Institute

2007: VYLI dedicated our 4th Annual Summer Institute to the creation of the VYLI 2020 Report.

2006: The 3rd annual Summer Institute was a great success — fifty young people (ages 11-17) had the opportunity to learn how to make their dreams come true.

2005: VYLI 2nd Annual Summer Institute graduation began with our youngest leading the way.

2004: On August 1, 2004 twenty five young men and women graduated from the first Summer Institute of the Vieques Youth Leadership Initiative. Given the chance to dream about their future, young Viequenses chose generous, thoughtful goals. 

Report from Project Coordinator, Kutasha Silva

Technology Initiative

VYLI was selected by Microsoft Caribbean to receive the Unlimited Potential grant. With this first private technology grant in Vieques, we started working towards our dreams of a Technology Learning Center. More…